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This section is a place to find articles/tutorials that I have on SVG topics, tricks and tips.

Topic Author Date Notes
SVG Kickstart 1 Jeff Schiller 2005-06-10 Beginners look at SVG and how it can help reshape the web.
SVG Kickstart 2 Jeff Schiller 2005-07-05 Tutorial describing how shapes, colours, paths can be done in SVG as well as tools to export SVG output.
SVG: Evolution, Not Revolution Jeff Schiller 2006-10-16 This was the first article I wrote for Opera on SVG, describing ways in which SVG can integrate with DHTML applications.
SVG Evolution 2: Our First Steps Into SVG Jeff Schiller 2006-11-30 This was the second article I wrote for Opera on SVG, continuing the "SVG Evolution" series.
SVG Evolution 3: Applying Polish Jeff Schiller 2007-04-11 This was the third article I wrote for Opera on SVG, finishing the "SVG Evolution" series.
Deploying SVG with HTML Jeff Schiller 2005-12-01 This blog entry serves as a guide/tutorial describing some of the pitfalls and intricacies when integrating SVG with HTML as of December 2005
Mouse Dragging in SVG Jeff Schiller 2006-01-02 1   2
These blog entries serve as a tutorial on how to enable mouse dragging inside an SVG document.
Making It Snow in SVG Jeff Schiller 2006-01-03 This blog entry showcases a toy script to make it snow in your SVG images.


This section is a list of off-site articles/sites that I have found useful/interesting at one time or another.

Topic Site Author Date Notes / Links
SVG Basics SVG Basics Rob Russell March 2005 Excellent resource covering basics of all major SVG features.
SVG Experiments TreeBuilder Holger Will Ongoing A lot of cool experiments with SVG
Animated SVG Clock Stefan Oskamp Stefan Oskamp Ongoing Some great pages that show how to animate a clock using SVG with Declarative Animations, JavaScript, integrated as part of XHTML, and more.
SVG: Aqua Buttons Jan-Klaas Kollhof 2003 NOTE: Tutorial is only readable in Internet Explorer with Adobe SVG Viewer, Jan-Klaas has been contacted for this.
SVG: Marbles Inkscape Inkscape developers Unknown NOTE: Tutorial is readable in Inkscape and Firefox 1.1 (Deer Park), readable in Internet Explorer with Adobe SVG Viewer but only if you Zoom Out.
Shader Programming Wolfgang Engel Unknown 1   2   3   4
Making it snow in DHTML Scott Schiller 2004-11-24 Scott shows how to make it snow in an HTML page thanks to transparent PNGs. The snow even accumulates at the bottom of the page!
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