SVG 1.1 became a W3C recommendation on January 13, 2003. Eight years later, this page records my results of running various SVG implementations (web browsers and browser plugins) through the official SVG Test Suite. Last updated 2011-03-24.

A chart scoring desktop browser and browser plugin on their support of the Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 specification via running each implementation through the official W3C test suite.
       Native support scores as follows:
           Firefox 3.6.0       = 61.50%
           Firefox 4           = 82.30%
           Opera 11.01         = 95.44%
           Chrome 11           = 89.23%
           Safari 5            = 82.48%
           IE8                 =  0.00%
           IE9                 = 59.64%
       Plugin support scores as follows:
           Renesis 1.1         = 58.73%
           CSV 2.1             = 61.27%
           GPAC 0.4.5          = 64.78%
           SVG Web Beholder    = 50.73%
           AmpleSDK 0.9.0      = 26.09%
           ASV 3               = 83.03%
           Batik 1.7           = 93.61%

The following picture indicates the results of running all 280 tests in many popular SVG implementations in the wild. Each test takes up a two-pixel strip in each column. I use a top secret scoring system ... ok, well actually I just use GREEN for "Pass" (2 points), YELLOW for "Almost Pass" (1 point), RED for "Fail" (0 points) and BLACK for "Fail with Crash" (-1 point). The "Almost Pass" scoring is subjective, so think of it as me giving out points for trying.

Now I know that I'm going to get complaints that the SVG test suite doesn't cover all functionality (I agree with you), nor does the score give a fair indication of other factors like performance (again, I agree with you), so please take this page as what it is: A data point from a guy who had too much time on his hands but is interested in seeing how the overall quality of SVG implementations improves in the future.

Some Final Notes

If you have something to say about this chart, please leave me a comment on my blog.

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