Privacy Policy

kthoom is an open source project. There is no legal entity (company) associated with this project, only developers who donate their time.

This project does not collect any information about our users or anything they read with kthoom. Since we do not track our users, to follow any privacy changes to kthoom you can follow this Atom feed for changes. Basic app activity is tracked as noted below via Google Analytics.

This project does not use browser cookies. It uses Browser Local Storage to Save your settings.

kthoom consists solely of client-side code (a HTML page, its stylesheet, and associated JavaScript files). kthoom does not talk to a server except as described below:

  1. When you are using kthoom on this site, the developer is using Google Analytics to track basic website activity, including URLs and URL parameters that are being used with the project. This project does not pass any data to Google that can be used to personally identify the user.
  2. If you want to read comic books from Google Drive, this project will require you to sign into Google and kthoom will let you choose a file from your Google Drive.
  3. If you want to read comic books from IPFS, kthoom will connect to IPFS nodes to download the book file.

Client-only Mode

If you are uncomfortable with kthoom using Google Analytics or accessing servers over the network, it is totally within your rights to clone the github repository, remove the GA code from the HTML, and then run a local web server to host your own copy to read comic books on your local hard drive.