SVG Kickstart 1: Allow Myself To Introduce...Myself

by Jeff Schiller, 2005-06-10

Table of Contents

2. Setting Up Your Browser

You really have two main options when wanting to set up your browser to handle SVG content: a) A SVG Plug-in or b) Installing a browser that can handle SVG natively.

Now that you've taken steps to enable a web browser to display SVG, it's time to test it out. Click on this link and you should see the following in your browser:

Raster example of SVG image from Opera

If all is well you can proceed on to the next few pages and learn about this new technology.

Note: The rest of these tutorials will embed actual SVG images into the pages so it is assumed you have now set up your browser accordingly. If not, you will see some error messages in the tutorials in place of the SVG images.

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